Customer Service

Your life is full. And so is your closet. ClutterFreeBox™ wants to help you manage the stuff and get to what really matters in your life.

Our system is the fastest, easiest way to simplify and organize your busy life. But don’t take our word for it. Hear what some of our clients have to say:

“My client runs a small creative services company in New York, so she doesn’t have many big objects to store. Mostly, she needs to keep paper records of invoices, bank statements and employee 1099s. She loves her downtown location, but she hates having no storage. That’s one reason she brought me in to help her. allows me to help my client store by the box, not the room. For a small monthly fee, I’m able to help her get a great deal on all the storage space she needs—and no more. And, with my Professional Organizer’s discount, I’m able to save her even more money.”

Brittany Jones
San Francisco, CA

“As a small business owner, I have a lot of responsibilities riding on slim margins. At the same time, I’m required to maintain what feels like a mountain of documents. A storage unit, or POD, is completely out of my budget. offers me the option of storage by the box, not the room. For a low monthly fee, I’m able to store all my business records offsite and safely. When I need a document, I request it through my online dashboard, and they send it pronto. really know the needs of small businesses. Thank you!”

Dave Prisco
Ann Arbor, MI

“Thank goodness for! I once tried to store my documents in a storage unit and had a terrible time. For one, the storage site was on a scary part of town. I hated going there by myself when I needed a file. And the storage unit facility charged me an arm and a leg to do business with them. In contrast, allows me to pack boxes at my office, at my own convenience. And the cost is significantly less expensive than a storage unit. I no longer have to drive to get a file.”

Cindy DeLoache
Marietta, GA