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Live the life you want, ClutterFree

Busy days and even busier nights. And you like it that way. Between work family, friends and walking the dog there is hardly any downtime. Your life is full and so are your closets and attic.

What if there was a way to bring a sense of order and calm to your house without spending tons of time and money? What if there was a simpler way to keep everything in its place and at your fingertips, right when you needed it?

Now there is.

Designed for those with a full life

ClutterFreeBox™ offers storage solutions designed specifically for those with a packed schedule. Our service lets you store items that you use infrequently – by the box – while giving you the flexibility to have them shipped where and when you need them.

What do you have that can be stored off-site?

  • Ski equipment and gear
  • Grandma’s fine china
  • Old files and tax records
  • Collectibles like toys, LPs, books

Unlike traditional storage facilities, you only use what you need when you need it. And our facility has all of the safety and security features that large companies have relied on for years.

The online inventory system lets you keep it all managed so that with a click of your mouse you can get that box back and find your high school year book right before the reunion.

What’s keeping you from getting started today?

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