Boxes Hold

What can a box hold?

A standard box can hold about 7 reams of paper or about 8 sweaters (about 1 cubic foot or 30 dry quarts of volume).

What can you store?

  • Ski gear, goggles, ski pants, and boots
  • Marketing materials, extra inventory, old client files
  • Collectibles and collections
  • Beach toys, towels, and bags
  • Seasonal clothing like sweaters, heavy coats, swim wear, and cover ups
  • Tax forms and filings
  • Baby items like clothes, toys, books, and keepsake
  • Holiday decorations
  • Memorabilia like yearbooks, letter sweaters, and scrapbooks
  • Photos and photo albums
  • Sporting equiment and accessories
  • Trophies and awards
  • The kid’s school records, artwork, and awards

A large box holds about 14 reams of paper or about 16 sweaters (about 2 cubic feet or 60 dry quarts of volume).

How can you get ClutterFree

  • “Have my holiday decorations come back to me each Dec. 1”
  • “Let me know when these tax records are 48 months old”
  • “Ship my ski boots to the mountain to meet me on February 27th.”
  • “Keep my kid’s special keepsakes until they have their own house.”
  • “Hold onto the football gear until next summer – I need room for hockey equiment”
  • “I’m done with all the baby gear, but not ready to get rid of it yet.”