About ClutterFreeBox

Our team is driven by the idea that we can all live the life we want by simplifying home and office. We want to make the world a more organized and manageable place! Like you, we knew there must be a way to have it all and have it all done well.

But it’s our mission combined with experience that makes us unique. The team at ClutterFreeBox has been storing priceless corporate data and media in a state-of-the-art facility for large businesses for years. The same team will manage and keep your priceless items in the same facility.

Our storage facility was built to protect your belongings with care and includes features like:

  • Windowless concrete construction
  • Security access 24/7/365 (no access by general public)
  • Advanced fire suppression systems
  • Extreme environmental control storage is also available – call for details

The ClutterFreeBox Difference

ClutterFreeBox offers the easiest and most innovative storage solution available today!

1. Protect your belongings. Clutterfreebox.com protects your belongings, keeping them safe and dry — which is more than you can get with any other storage option. Our facility’s temperature is monitored, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Other storage units, and your own basement, are subject to flood, fire and theft. In contrast, we have gove the extra mile to make sure you can feel safe in sending us your belongings.

2. Keep track of stuff. With our easy-to-use online inventory system, you can see what items you have stored. You record each box’s contents on an index card or provide a photo of the contents and we upload the information into your online account. Beats unpacking six boxes in the attic to find grandma’s gravy boat.

3. Save money. Storage units costs upwards of a thousand dollars per year – and who can fill an entire unit themselves? With ClutterFreeBox you buy the storage you need, when you need it.

4. Take the hassle out of moving. Do you have a delay between your move-out and the time you need you belongings? No problem. Send your items to us, and we’ll keep them until you get settled in your new place. We can even keep Junior’s coffee maker and ship it back to his college dorm next fall.

5. Save your back and your Saturday. With storage units, you need to lug your boxes out to the car, pack them up and then lug them into the storage area. And you can end up having to drive out to the country to get a good rate. With ClutterFreeBox, simply pack and ship your belongings from your home or office.