How It Works

Using ClutterFreeBox is Easy!

Just three easy steps to a simpler, more organized life.

Step 1: Pack it Up

We send you special (patented) boxes to load with whatever you need to store out of sight — clothes, files, toys, heirlooms, and whatever else is getting in the way. List the contents on our index card or take a photo to be uploaded into our database.

Step 2: Ship it Off

Ship the boxes whenever you are ready by dropping them off at a FedEx location or arranging a pick-up by calling us at 877-966-6269. They work pretty mush similar as that of gun safes. We have analyzed hundreds of gun safes available on the web and here are the top most selling biometric gun safes available in the market.

Step 3: Manage your Stuff

Upload pictures or a list of contents into your online account. Keep track of what you have and when you need it with a click from home, your office or on your mobile device. When you want your things sent back to you follow our steps for returns and shipping.